November 2019, Rotterdam based rock band ROeCK releases first single worldwide. December brings single #2, Januari single #3, Februari single #4 and so on.

Rock at its best.

december 2019 we have been re-releasing back catalog from way back... first New wave band Stealer debut album and an unreleased album.

Star Star:

Off Camera:

Corona slowed us down only slightly.2020 4 more Roeck singles were released in the first months.

In 2018 we signed the very talented Alexandra Alden, a singer songwriter from Malta. Her debut album "Wild Honey" will be released on Malta the end of March and around the same time in the Netherlands as well.

Michael Prins' debut album "Rivertown fairytales"


Bourbon Avenue's debut album


 3rdman signed their album "10" with us


Max Douw signed his debut album "gekkenhuis"


Country/Bluegrass band Stringcaster recorded their album in 2016


 We recorded Rose Spearman's album "Colors and Shapes"


VOF de Kunst recorded numerous albums. In 2013 their album (2)013 was recorded.